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Light for Health
Full spectrum light that imitates natural sunshine is necessary for full physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Each color causes a different response. Different colors support metabolism of nutrients, help us to be calm yet alert, happy and not depressed or anxious. Full spectrum light combines all the colors of the rainbow into a beautiful white light.
We have full spectrum lights in spiral bulbs, fluorescent tubes and light boxes for SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

Light for Health

Lyons, CO 80540
United States
Phone 800 468-1104
Fax 823-0269

Margo Ross, Reiki Master Teacher
Welcome! Reiki lessons, Life Coaching and ministerial duties performed for your benefit and growth.

Classes every month for Usui/Tibetan Reiki levels I & II for certification. Master levels taught several time per year, too.

Life Coaching services available to those seeking professional or personal services, research, information, energy work & healing, mentoring service, REAL self-empowerment, and/or assistance developing your own metaphysical gifts. Sessions are designed around YOUR needs and your pace toward goals we design together. I am here to help you grow & become more autonomous in your thinking, belief system, and Path on life!

Also, interfaith ministerial duties, weddings, ceremonies, blessings and rituals performed. Designed by your choices and us working together, I honor all belief systems & secularism.
Margo Ross
PO Box 39192
Greensboro, NC 27438-9192
United States

Maya Vajra, L.Ac.
Gentle, professional acupuncture services (including cupping, moxibustion and other traditional elements of TCM treatment). Specializing in the treatment of pain, digestive disorders and personal transition.

I also work with flower essences and have additional certification in acupuncture detoxification with an ever-expanding medicinal pallet.

Curiosity is most welcome.

Feel free to call or write: VajraAcupuncture@aol.com

& check out the website: VajraAcupuncture.com
Maya Vajra, L.Ac.
2366 Eastlake Ave E, #239
Seattle, WA 98102
United States
Phone (206) 300-1530

Missouri Institute of Hypnotherapy
Missouri Institute of Hypnotherapy provides Hypnosis Training and certification for individuals desiring to become a professional hypnotist. The training program is design for the Medical Professional, Mental Health Professional and Educators. MIH provides Basic, Advanced, directive, non-directive, Medical and Clinical, Imagery Coach, Painless Childbirth and Past Life Regression training programs. The program is an intensive. Application is required for acceptance into the program. Only 8 students are accepted. The participant must be committed to intense focus on the training. Meeting on Weekends Sat and Sunday from 8am-8pm. Meeting for 10 weekends. 200 contact hours for classroom time and 260 for homework. The program takes 3-4 months to complete. Linda Gentry also provides private individual sessions in hypnosis. Linda provides a full service of hypnosis benefits from behavior change like Stop Smoking, Weight Management, Pain Control and many other issues. Providing Hypnosis services since 1996.

Linda Gentry RN, BS, CHt
608 W Benton, Windsor, MO 65360
Windsor, MO 65360
United States
Phone 6607473277

Mr Michael D'Alton
D’Alton’s Bio-Energy Therapy uses specialized hand techniques around the body to remove blockages from one’s energy system. This re-establishes the flow of healthy energy and ‘kick-starts’ the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

This Therapy has had extensive media coverage in the UK and Ireland for its phenomenal success with treating a wide range of ailments.

What are the Benefits of Treatment?

• Total Pain Management

• Illness Recovery

• Increased Energy Levels

• Improved Sleep Patterns

• Greater Focus and


• Enlightened Thinking and Creative Expression

What Causes ill-Health?

Accidents, trauma, physical and emotional stress can cause blockages in the bio-energy field, which can lead to physical, emotional and/or mental illness in the body.

Michael D'Alton
Electra Health floor, Mezzanine, 970 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC V6Z 2R4
Phone 1-604-688-5177

Nashville Essential Feng Shui
Holly Tashian is a Feng Shui consultant, workshop leader and professional speaker. She trained with the Western School of Feng Shui and is a Mentor and a member of the Speakers Bureau for the School. Her practice includes businesses and residences with excellent references available. Ms. Tashian has studied with Terah Collins, Denise Linn and Anthony Lawlor. She is also a Neurolinguistic Programming practitioner and dowser for geopathic stress. She is the owner of Nashville Essential Feng Shui established in 1999.
Holly Tashian
PO Box 150921
Nashville, TN 37215
United States
Phone 615-383-1875
Fax 615-292-6722

Natural Medicine
What is Natural Medicine?

The practice of Natural Medicine is the promotion of health, the assessment of emotional, mental and physical state and the resultant Natural Medicine therapeutic techniques to improve emotional and adaptive function.

This includes, but is not limited to, nutritional and dietary therapeutics, botanical/herbal remedies, mechanical therapy (Reflexology, massage, etc.), homeopathy and vibrational medicine.

What is the Association of Doctors of Natural Medicine – Alberta (ADNMA)?

ADNMA was first formed as an association for all Alberta Doctors of Natural Medicine registered with EBNMP. Over the last few years, the Association has expanded to include other levels of membership, including all Wholistic Practitioners, Alternative Practitioners, Complementary Health Practitioners, and Manual Therapy Practitioners (body-workers) – as well as students of natural medicine who are working towards attaining the DNM designation.

Additionally we also have membership available to people and businesses, who provide services to our membership - health industry suppliers.

What is the Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners (EBNMP)?

The EBNMP is a regulating body for all Doctors of Natural Medicine (DNMs), acting as an “umbrella” to unify practitioners globally within the field of Natural Medicine. However, membership is not limited to DNMs, and EBNMP has categories for different levels of practitioners. Members who are not DNMs have the option of staying within their membership designation or working towards DNM level.

Because the EBNMP has different levels of membership, so too, does the ADNMA.

For more information about the Examining Board, go to:


The Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners - Canada

For more information about the Alberta Association, contact the ADNMA directly at:

780 - 443 - 0315.


Suite #550, 9768 - 170 Street NW
Edmonton, AB T5T 5L4
Phone 780-443-0315

Obtain Your Goal, Inc.
Obtain Your Goal Inc. provides seminars,workshops, classes and one on one personal sessions. Discover the power of your inner YOU. Learn how to crate a better future with exercise, guided imagery, Thetahealing, DNA activation and Belief reprogramming techniques, Life between Life and Timeline regression, Meditation, Relaxation,Self-hypnosis, Stress Mgt and Weight Mgt programs. Learn from the teachings of Edgar Cayce and more.
Mercedes Martinez
7800 S.W. 57th AVe Suite 223
Miami, FL 33156
United States
Phone 305-542-5748

Providing solutions for healthier bodies and environments. Janet's life building and energy healing services are offered one-on-one, group, on/off-site and by phone. Janet is a faculty member of the Feng Shui Institute of America (FSIA) and at the College of Southern Maryland (CSM) .... As an energy mover of person and place, Janet Hall, owner of OverHall Consulting maintains a multi-disciplinary practice utilizing her studies, background and a pronounced ability to move energy using a variety of modalities, such as Tapping, Energy Testing/Medicine, Energy Moving, Reiki, Space Clearing, Clutter Clearing, Organizing, Productivity, and Feng Shui. Janet's second love is empowering women and small business owners to use computers, develop web sites and market over the internet, which she has been doing since the 70's (http://www.kickstartwebsites.com ). Provides consulting, coaching, training, seminars and energy work.

2007 workshop schedule now posted at http://www.overhall.com/workshops.htm
Port Republic
Janet Hall
Box 263
Port Republic, MD 20676
United States

Quantum Play Transformations
QuantumPlay can be best described as a non-technique and non-system of healing. To wrap parameters around something is to limit it. This is about allowing each being to tap into their Divine intelligence and choose the best possible outcome.

It is also shift in the way a session is perceived. Clients are viewed as an intelligent organization of light and information; as beings. It is this shift in viewpoint that allows me to work on the entire being, rather than feel the need to "fix" subset of symptoms and conditions.

Physical matter has been described as "waves of possibilities" by many scientists. Scientists posture it is consciousness that collapses these possibility waves into actuality. I will ask open-ended questions to bring forth the greatest possibility the "being" is ready to accept to bring about powerful transformations.

Both Science and spirituality have taught us that to focus on a particular issue will only give it more energy thereby re-enforcing the condition.

Because all beings are a different organization of light and information, there really is no such thing as a typical session. Many report entering an "altered state". Altered states are typically necessary to access any subconscious belief patterns and to facilitate amazing transformations.
JoAnn Clinton

Buckeye, AZ 85396
United States

Reiki of Northern Kentucky
I offer the following services:
Reiki healing sessions along with Reiki classes I, II, III (Master/Teacher), Reflexology, Life Coaching, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Meditation classes and Workshops on personal growth.
Lois Giancola
467 Erlanger Road
Erlanger, KY 41018
United States
Phone 859-342-4555

Robin A. (Littlefeather) Hannon
I promote safe and alternative healing treatments through Reiki either through distant healing or directly through client contact. My alternative holistic Reiki treatments promote wholeness and wellness. At Abide a While Reiki I facilitate this noninvasive, gentle, non medical, alternative holistic healing through the movement of energy through the chakras. Reiki brings harmony to the energetic chakra system and the human aura. Reiki induces wellness, relaxation, peace, calm, and a sense of well-being.


For a short video on what Reiki is and what to expect go to:

Robin's Video

Robin's website Abiding Reiki

Robin (Littlefeather Hannon
1409 Hunting Horn Lane
Frederick, MD 21703
United States
Phone 301-696-9676
Fax 301-696-9676

Rose Jimenez, Reiki Master/Teacher - Usui Reiki Ryoho
Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a safe hands-on method of natural healing that activates, balances and increases the life force within us by using our own natural ability to take in positive energies that restore the body's natural ability to heal itself.

Reiki Promotes Balance Through Energy Healing

Energy healing has been around for thousands of years. Reiki, which has also been called hands-on healing or energy work, is a form of energy healing.

If your life force energy is low, then you are more prone to get sick or feel stress. Alternatively, if your life force energy is high, you are more capable of being healthy and peaceful.

Reiki supports the normal flow and balance of the human energy field which helps promote the innate healing process. Reiki not only helps to strengthen and restore the body’s own natural ability to heal but is also utilized to support general health and well-being.

Rose Jimenez

Westbury, NY 11590
United States
Phone 516-997-0207

Sacred Moon & Earth Holistic Wellness Center
Sacred Moon & Earth Holistic Wellness Center

Where healing is still an art

Be Empowered Be Inspired Be Well! Also the home for the University For Holistic Arts
Karema Bright
4609 Franklin Ave.
Wilmington, NC 28405
United States
Phone 9104318026

Society of Applied Hypnosis
The Society of Applied Hypnosis is a certification and education organization for modern, professional hypnotists. The trainings and seminars we approve teach practial and effective techniques, and only by proving your skills can a hypnotist be certified. We offer introductory, advanced, specialized and trainer training.
Jeffrey Richards

Columbus, OH 43232
United States

Soul Purpose Consultations
In addition to adult sessions, my session work includes childen, pets, long distance and by proxy.

Certified Cymatherapist. Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Certified Possibilities DNA Facilitator. Biogenesis Practitioner, EFT Practitioner, Akashic Record Readings and Clearings, Spiritual Release Therapy, Motivational Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, Ordained Minister; Doctor of Divinity Degree in Theology

My workshops include "Healing the InnerChild", "Healing the Heart of the Womb", "Healing the Starving Artist", "Healing Meditations", "Practical Intuition; How to Read Auras and Past Lives", "Psychic / Clairvoyant Healing; Learning to Heal with Your Guides", and "Practical Magic and Manifestation; Creating Your Heart's Desires". If you are interested in hosting or sponsoring a workshop in your area, please contact me.
Jeanene Daire Stuart-Herr

Atlanta, Georgia
United States
Phone 770-682-7452

Soul Source Yoga
Svaroopa® Yoga uses hatha yoga poses, teaches students to release the spine stimulating healing in the entire body/mind and opens/strengthens pathways to awareness of the deeper dimension of being; the true meaning of the practice (of yoga) in mind/body/spirit. Restorative/blissful/meditative.

Swarthmore, PA; Wallingford, PA; Rose Valley, PA; Media, PA; Springfield, PA; Morton, PA
Clair Oaks
404 Vassar Avenue
Swarthmore, PA 19081
United States
Phone 610-690-3620

Source Books & Sacred Spaces
Source Books & Sacred Spaces is a family operated company offering over 900 products, onsite bookstores for events/conferences, and web product fulfillment. We specialize in products that reflect our moto: "Where Spirituality and Science Meet."

We have the honor of working closely with such authors as Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Lynne McTaggart, Masaru Emoto, Jonathan Goldman, and Drunvalo Melchizedek to name a few.

We choose to be your personal connection to the work of these authors and many more.

Our customer/friends enjoy a family environment when ordering and finding information.
Robin Miner
PO Box 367
Gallatin, TN 37066
United States
Phone 615-452-7077
Fax 615-452-7447

Toni Gilbert, RN, MA, HNC
With many years of experience in mental health nursing, I offer clients an array of healing arts techniques.
These techniques enhance wellness and prevent illness. Taken together, they complement traditional medicine treatment of disease and injury by adding a holistic psychological and spiritual component.

Since the mind can affect the systems of the body (such as immune system), the use of psychology to facilitate a change in the systems is reasonable.

Author of: "Messages from the Archetypes: Using Tarot for healing and spiritual growth" White Cloud Press, 2003

Toni Gilbert, RN, MA, HNC
po box 1010
Jefferson, OR 97352
United States
Phone (541) 327-7749

Universal Force Healing Center
Divine Spiritual Wisdom at taught by Joseph Michael Levry

“We acquire knowledge of the higher worlds via that

spiritual body. These higher worlds of soul and spirit,

are just as real as the world we see with our physical eyes

and touch with our physical hands. However, one can

only receive guidance as to how to go about awakening

the advanced powers of spiritual perception by those who

already possess these gifts. The method of safe awakening

within the soul is exact, and can be found in our sacred

science. Moreover, those who have been initiated into

the nature of the divine spiritual wisdom know that only

those who have been experientially exposed to it can truly

gain understanding. You must live the truth to experience

it as your personal truth. Spiritual wisdom is not something

acquired through casual spiritual window shopping.

Rather, the divine spiritual wisdom will find you under

all circumstances if you provide the universe with proof

of your earnest and worthy desire to attain this higher

knowledge in order to heal yourself, uplift others, and serve

humankind.” – Joseph Michael Levry (Gurunam)


“Who am I? What is my purpose? How can I make changes

gracefully in my life? Why do the same issues keep coming up?”

The fact is that there are immutable Universal Laws which order

and regulate all aspects of our lives. This includes our karmic

patterns, our identity, career choices, health issues, unconscious

behavior patterns, relationship issues, hobbies, idiosyncratic

likes and dislikes, and even our fulfillment. These fundamental,

yet all-encompassing laws can be learned and worked with in

order to raise your consciousness. When mastered, the Laws of

Nature can assist us to overcome any challenge in life. Through

this science, one can learn how to create prosperity, beautiful

relationships, health and fulfillment. Taking actions without

understanding which way the immutable forces of nature are

going is like getting behind the wheel of your life completely

blind. When you cannot see the unseen, getting into an accident

is inevitable. The Divine Spiritual Wisdom teaches you how

to see the unseen. It teaches you who to work with, when to

act, when not to act, where to do it, and the motive to apply to

the situation, so that you know before you begin that you will

achieve your goals! Our science makes the unseen visible, the

unheard audible, and the unknown able to be perceived.



Our work contains a real science; it is founded on pure and

genuine truth. This golden path is for those who want to achieve

self healing, serve others, and contribute to a positive evolution

of humankind. The practice of our divine spiritual wisdom

is the fulfillment of the divine union with the children of

man. The divine spiritual wisdom which flows from Universal

Kabbalah is of a nature which can improve one’s life, restore

one’s health, solve the many problems of one’s existence, and

lead one to happiness; that is why it is authentic.

Those who work with our divine spiritual wisdom are

linked to the invisible community of light, which has a school

in the higher world in which the spirit of wisdom itself teaches

those who thirst for light. In this school all the secrets of God

and nature are kept for the elect of light. Perfect knowledge of

God, perfect knowledge of nature, and perfect knowledge of

man are the knowledge of instruction of this school—from it

comes all truth in the world.

New York
Chris Merrill
7 W. 24th St
New York, NY 10010
United States
Phone 646-240-4221
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