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Marilyn Cross, LCSW
I am a licensed psychotherapist with a wide array of experience working with diverse individuals in crisis. I have worked with children, families, women, and individuals with substance use disorders. I have experience providing crisis intervention, group counseling and psychotherapy. Moreover, I have a firm understanding of the dynamics of trauma and abuse.

I have spent the past four years working with families and children involved in the process of adoption. I have an understanding of the unique and often difficult issues faced by adoptive families. Through my experience I have learned to differentiate between normal developmental issues, normal adoption issues, and abnormal responses to life events. I work from a family systems perspective where my focus is on the family as a whole as well as its individual members.

San Francisco
Marilyn Cross
970 Wisconsin St #2
San Francisco, CA 9410
United States
Phone 415-648-9777

Mary LaSota
Offering DNA Activations and DNA Healing Sessions. Also, offering many beautiful archangelic attunements and activations to support you on your life's journey. These include the Seven Rays of Love, The You Are Love Series. Archangel Raphael's special activations such as A Loving Sexual Relationship, Overcoming shyness, Attracting a Loving Compatible Partment, Coping with Stress on the job and many othrs. There is also the Joyness and Sourceness which will allow you to create the world you want to live in. The archangelic and other attunements and activations are done remotely at a distance.

The DNA Activations and DNA Healing Sessions will include Mary working with Archangel Raphael on a client's behalf.

Mary LaSota

, MA 01079
United States

Master's Center for Personal Development
Master's Center Institute of Hypnotherapy provides the best in hypnotherapy certification training programs that can lead to an exciting new career. The Center also offers psychotherapy and counseling services, Kung Fu, meditation, and other holistic services. The Center's president, Dr. Philip Holder, is a published author and columnist with an international reputation for excellence. Dr. Holder is also one of the world's most highly respected Kung Fu Grandmasters. He has appeared in many magazines, on television, and on talk radio. Let Master's Center help you to achieve your goals.
Fairless Hills
Dr. Philip Holder
PO Box 67
Fairless Hills, PA 19030
United States
Phone 215-295-8062
Fax 215-215-2094

Maximillian Wachtel, Ph.D. LLC
Maximillian Wachtel, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist and has been working in the mental health field for over ten years. He provides individual, group and couples counseling, in addition to psychological assessment (learning disability testing for adults and children, memory/dementia testing, personality assessment, & chronic pain evaluations). he provides general mental health services, including personal growth counseling, stress management training, psychosocial pain treatment and relationship/interpersonal growth counseling. For a complete listing of his offerings, please go to his website: www.CherryCreekPsychology.com
Maximillian Wachtel
3865 Cherry Creek North Drive, Ste 170
Denver, CO 80209
United States
Phone 303-399-5300
Fax 303-399-5304


Michael P. Burrell
We begin to grow and heal when we are guided by our own inner voice to the integrity of who we truly are, our true self with its values, goals, relationships and lessons.

My approach is to work with the person’s own energy and life situation to effectively guide them back to their purpose. I have a particular interest in working with teenagers and young adults to help them find their voices and direction.

New York
Michael Burrell
915 Broadway, Suite 1309
New York, NY 10010
United States
Phone 917-913-7092

Michael R Weir, C.Ht., CI
Hypnotherapy and energy work to help client's with Physical, Emotional and Spiritual issues. Current and Past Life Regression Therapy.

All Diseases, and emotional issues including depression, anxiety, panic attacks, chronic pain, migraines, fears, phobias, public speaking.

Anger Management, Stress Management, Self Esteem issues.

Marriage and couple counseling - Forgiveness Therapy

Career Planning and Life Coaching. Past Life Regression for exploration. If you just want to know who you were in past lives.

Michael Weir
1186 North Main Street
Washington , PA 15301
United States
Phone 412-716-8894

MIKE - SELF-Realized Master/Healer
Mike is a SELF-Realized Master/Healer.

Mike offers LVE meditation for de-stressing, healing and re-energizing. Mike's healing with Light has been amazingly effective for various ailments.

Mike offers a 3 hour educational workshop about your Total SELF, which goes beyond your body and mind into soul, energy and feeling. You can reach your fullest potential in terms of a Healthy Body, Stress-Free Mind and Happy Soul, helping you realize your dreams, goals and aspirations in life!

Mike Duggirala
46309C Warm Springs Blvd.
Fremont, CA 94539
United States
Phone 5106105837

Mind Matters
Psychic Consultations - Private sessions with Gay Bonner channeled through Sheila Reynolds.

Counseling - Private Therapy sessions using the approach developed by Sandra Stevens called "Spiritual Psychology".

Past Life Regressions - Past Life Therapy using hypnosis with Sandra Stevens

Inner Healing Journeys - Sandra Stevens facilitates rapid healing through direct journeying to the source of difficulty.

Classes, Workshops, Seminars As announced

Two Locations Locations in Philadelphia & Washington Crossing, PA

Sandra J. Stevens

Philadelphia, PA 19146
United States
Phone 215 731-0913

Montreal Holistic Centre, MHC
Lesley Pavitt
4901 Boul. St. Charles
Pierrefonds, QU H9H 3E4

Moongate Feng Shui
I am a certified 5 Element Feng Shui Practitioner, Counselor and Designer. I work with architects and builders to design ergonomic and harmonious home, garden and office spaces. Former landscape contractor and Psychological Counselor. Intuitive, practical and appreciative of the ancient texts of China and India, I instill spirit into my work, striving to bring a balance of earth energies with a personal flexible approach. I also teach Mandala painting, using an intuitive painting process. and co-facilitate Labyrinth Workshops with Paula Hills, Earth Place Labyrinth House.

Founding Director of the Oregon Chapter of the International Feng Shui Guild. Now Executive Director. www.internationalfengshuiguild.org.
Anne Mansfield
Portland, Oregon
Portland, OR 97221
United States
Phone 503.721 0990

Nancy Dawson Sisti
State licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT). Individual and relationship therapy for stress, anxiety,depression,communication skills, and guidance toward the transformation from being "one's own worst enemy" into one's own strongest source and advocate.
Santa Monica
530 Wilshire Boulevard, Ste. 310
Santa Monica, CA 90401
United States
Phone 310/392-7554

Nancy Elias
Nancy Elias is a Certified Rubenfeld Synergist®. She practices a unique combination of talk and touch that works to integrate the emotional and physical bodies. Nancy uses intuition,listening touch,and dialouge to support her clients in healing their spirit so that they can be present with themselves in an authentic and congruent way in the world. RSM was developed by Ilana Rubenfeld in the 60's as a response to the need for integration of body and mind. Her AHA!! is the premier model for current thinking in modern day Holistic Healing. Authentic Healing occurs when the Body/Mind is one. Rubenfeld Synergy is a client centered method of healing. Nancy supports her clients in claiming their own lives.
Nancy Elias
Paoli Pa
, PA 19320
United States
Phone 484-459-0871

Nancy Wiggen
Nancy is a Whole Life Advocate supporting anyone who wants to make changes in her or his life or anyone who is experiencing a life changing situation.

Many times it is when you are feeling lost, afraid, stuck, alone or in chaos that the seed of creation and a new life

is discovered within you. As your Whole Life Advocate Nancy will assist you in knowing your own Divine Power which is the ultimate power to guide you in every

given moment and heal any aspect of your life. What would you do if

you knew you could not fail? Nancy will

support you as you fulfill your dream and rejuvenate your life.
Nancy Wiggen
P. O. Box 2514
Kealakekua, HI 96750
United States
Phone 808-322-1454
Fax 808-322-1454

Natural Law Life Center
Be a human being, not a human doing. Get off the Merry-Go-Round and rediscover life within the life of doing!

The Natural Law Life Center™ offers services and courses in Natural Law™ life manifestation, hypnotherapy, counseling, martial arts, spiritual studies and advice, past life regression, pain management, handwriting analysis, and healing to enable people to make their reality whatever they say and live the natural way of their full human potential!

Denny Dwyer
20819 5th Ave W
Lynnwood, WA 98036
United States

NE Institute Reflexology & Universal Studies
Our intention is to provide a bridge between complimentary and conventional medicine. It is our mission to work in concert with other healing modalities.

We offer our clients a wide range of services adhearing to strict standards of excellence and a high level of professional ethics.

We all start life with the potential for good health. Most illness is the result of improper maintenance of the body. The resulting imbalance creates a buildup of toxins in the system which inhibit the free flow of energy essential to our well being.

Reflexology relaxes the body, releases an unrestricted flow of vitality and restores balance, encouraging the body's own healing system to take over.

Massage works directly on the muscles of the body, releasing tension and promoting freedom of movement and pain relief.

Cranial Sacral is the gentle placement of hands to release stuck energy from past injuries, physical or emotional.

Reiki is a deep relaxation technique that also reduces pain and allows freedom from restriction.

Holistic counseling deals with the entire picture and together we devise a series of sessions that best fit your needs.

valerie voner
po box 1728
Onset, MA 02558
United States

Ned Farrell Certified Feng Shui Consultant
Feng Shui is a way of achieving results in our lives by using our environment. In Feng Shui the way we get what we want is through particular usage of our homes.

By gaining control of your space you gain clarity in the lives of you and your family. Is everyone in your home sleeping well? Does anyone feel stressed out? Do you wish for more time, and more quality time?

Feng Shui can help!

Ned Farrell
PO Box 7155
Kensington, CT 06037
United States
Phone 860-828-1046

New Directions Counseling
Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor in private practice in the Richardson / Plano area.
Ashley Macchia
1701 N. Collins Blvd
Richardson, TX 75080
United States

Nicole S. Urdang M.S., NCC, DHM
For all life's transitions

Holistic Psychotherapist, seeing the whole you and working with all areas of your life: cognitive, emotional, physical, and spiritual. My style is caring and supportive, but still dynamic! Please call for details or to ask me any questions.
Nicole Urdang
650 Lafayette Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14222
United States
Phone 716-882-0848`

Nina Gettler
Soul recovery and extraction is an ancient holistic healing method. Soul/spirit pieces are lost through traumatic experiences or because someonce has consciously or unconsciously stolen them. A state of disharmony follows the loss of soul pieces, and this leads to stress. This stress can eventually result in mental, emotional and/or physical illness.

The shamanic facilitator undertakes a journey in an altered state to recover the lost pieces and thus help the client to heal.

This process can be done both in person and long distance.
Nina Gettler

Seattle, WA
United States
Phone (206) 368-7355
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