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I am a Pastoral Counselor offering psychotherapy and spiritual direction to individuals and couples. I specialize in Pastoral Psychotherapy and the intentional integration of psychotherapy and spirituality. I offer workshops and also publish The Stonyhill Newsletter on the Integration of Psychotherapy and Spirituality at www.stonyhill.com.
NAPLES, NY 14512
United States
Phone 585-374-2022

Divine Guidance LLC
I am an ordained interfaith minister with a PhD in transpersonal psychology. I offer Past Life Regressions and Life Between Lives Regressions, which are sometimes referred to as "Spiritual Regressions". These regression experiences can be healing, comforting, and provide guidance on our spiritual path.

I have studied with several teachers including Dolores Cannon and am certified in her Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. I have studied Life Between Lives Regressions with Dr. Linda Backman who assisted Dr. Michael Newton in creating his training course. My regressions are conducted in my Exton, PA office which is located in the Philadelphia suburbs, near the Downingtown exit of the Pennslyvania turnpike.

I also offer spiritual readings because I have seen how these messages from the Divine can renew our hope, give us guidance, and alter our lives. I offer readings over the phone or in my Exton, PA office.

Rev. Judy O'Dell, PhD
47 Marchwood Road, Suite 2A8
Exton, PA 19341
United States
Phone 610-613-1841

Dory Dzinski, MA, LPC, NCC
Dory Dzinski is a nationally certified Licensed Professional Counselor (CT) specializing in the areas of grief and loss, divorce, depression, confusion over direction in life, and connecting with life purpose. She has been an Usui and Karuna (TM) Reiki practitioner and trainer since 1998, and has taught at the Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences. She teaches many different classes based in spirituality around the state, including Manchester Community College and Mercy Center. Dory is the Editor/Publisher of The Door Opener magazine, a 22-year old publication focused on spirituality, holistic health, and metaphysics. She also facilitates a grief support group at her church, where she has served as both President and Vice President of her parish council. As an out-of-network provider, Dory will provide receipts for submission to insurance companies.
Dory Dzinski
47 Maple Avenue
Collinsville, CT 06019
United States
Phone 860-693-2840

Dr Bob Rich
Information and advice to sufferers of emotional and interpersonal problems.
Provision of counseling face to face, over the phone and via encrypted email.
Sale of a cheap, readable and effective self-help e-book.
Healesville, Victoria
Bob Rich
L. P. O. Box 214
Healesville, Victoria, Vic 3777
Phone +61 3 5962 3875

Dr Tom Laga
For over 30 years, Dr Tom Laga has counseled patients in Nutrition, Fitness and Stresscare as well as presenting 1 Day, Onsite Wellness Seminars focused on these 3 specialties. His Body-Mind-Spirit approach to patient care is HIP-- Holistic, Integrative, Preventive! Patients often seek Dr Tom for a Personal Wellness Program [four 50 minute consults]. Hair Analysis for toxic metals and nutrient minerals and metabolic speed are included in the Nutrition Consult and impact the Fitness and Stresscare Consults. Dr Tom edits the CHHA newsletter.
Dr Tom Laga

Bristol, CT 06010
United States
Phone 860-584-1700
Fax 860-584-1700

Dr. David Hanson, TFT-Dx, RM
Dr. Hanson specializes in the RAPID treatment of anxiety, stress, and personal problems causing emotional pain.

"RAPID treatment" means that the problems being treated are resolved VERY QUICKLY - - sometimes in just one treatment.

TFT is a modern therapy based on ancient acupuncture principles - - although needles are NOT used in this therapy. THIS THERAPY OFTEN WORKS COMPLETELY WHEN NO OTHER THERAPY WILL.

It is a revolutionary technique that provides rapid, effective, natural, drug-free help for:

• Anxiety

• Child Abuse Victims

• Panic / Anxiety Attacks

• Irrational Fears

• Guilt

• War & Other Traumas

• Public Speaking

• Phobias

• Anger

• Love Pain and Grief


• Rape Trauma

• Fear of Heights and Flying

• Self-Sabotage

• Rejection

• Sexual Problems

• Surgical / Medical / Dental Fears

David Hanson
9311 Bridgeport Way SW
Lakewood, WA 98467
United States
Phone 253-202-2959

Dr. Edwin Bacon, Msc.D., RMT - The Halls of Reiki
Through a past-life regression some years ago that was inspired by a series of psychic and astrological readings, I discovered that in past lives I had been a healer in Atlantis in at least 2 lifetimes. During the regression I told the therapist that "I have always been a healer."

I am a Reiki Master-Teacher of several different Reiki modalities, and offer private classes, Reiki healing sessions, distance healing, and distance courses and attunements.
Lake Ridge
Ed Bacon, Msc.D., RMT

Lake Ridge, VA 22192
United States
Phone (703) 583-5344

Dr. Erika Duffy
Dr. Erika Duffy, a Doctor of C.O.R.E. Education, a Certified Holistic Counselor, Certified Hypnotherpaist, Certified Spirit Regression Therapist, personally trained by Dr. Michael Newton, author of "Journey of Souls" and " Destiny of Souls", National Motivational Speaker, Certified Enneagram Counselor,Certified Usui and Karuna Reiki Teacher, radio and tv talk show host and bestselling co-author with Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer and Mark Victor Hansen of books entitled "Wake Up and Live the Life You Love, Living on Purpose" and "Seizing Your Success"
Erika Duffy

Goffstown, NH 03045
United States
Phone 603-497-4693
Fax 497-4693

Dr. Fredrick Woodard / Woodard Hypnosis and Research, Inc.
Clinical hypnosis, psychotherapy, consultation, and evaluation for various problems of daily living, psychological problems, emotional suffering, interpersonal conflicts, spiritual experiences and all other areas that hypnosis and psychotherapy can apply to healing individuals of all ages, and families. An adjunct to many medical problems.
Dr. Fredrick Woodard
15B Lincoln Street
Milford, NH 03055-0874
United States
Phone 603-673-2582

Dr. Ida Greene
Dr. Ida Greene, is a motivational speaker, author of nine books including Light the Fire Within You, Success now, Say Goodbye to Your Smallness, Hello to Your Greatness, and Money How to Get It, How to Keep It. I am a Hypnotherapist, Reiki Practioner of Energy balancing and Intuitive Break Through Coaching. www.idagreene.com to purchase books
San Diego
Ida Greene, Ph.D.
3639 Midway Drive Ste B #374
San Diego, CA 92110
United States
Phone 619-262-9951

Dr. Karin Granstrom
The Rubenfeld Synergy Method® (RSM®) is a gentle but powerful mind-body-spirit approach to personal growth, stress reduction and healing. Its unique essence is the simultaneous use of gentle touch, imagery, reflective listening and dialogue.

These ingredients work synergistically, and many individuals, who have found regular talk therapy ineffective, have been able to quickly access and work through core issues with this body-centered therapy.

Emotions that we suppress or deny do not go away. They stay inside and affect our health and well-being. When you feel stuck in life and sense a need for change, your own body can be trusted as an invaluable source of wisdom.

With RSM you learn to listen to the body. Body awareness gets you in touch with your essence, your authentic self, and allows you to experience deep relaxation. Decoding the messages of aches and pains, tension and fatigue helps you resolve old issues, reconnect to your inner power and find clarity and inspiration.

A typical RSM session is an inward journey in a safe environment. You'll remain fully clothed, comfortably sitting in a chair or lying on a padded table. You'll experience deep relaxation, new body awareness and a sense of calm.

Karin Granstrom

Seattle, WA 98115
United States
Phone 206-706-3744

Dr. Kathryn Moravec Rn
I facilitate experiential workshops to assist others in finding their inner light. Topics cover; Self awarness, Discover your true self, Learn how to achieve harmony in all of your relationships, Transforming Stress into positive energy, Reiki, energy healing and other uses. I also provide spiritual/Grief/Relationship counseling, Teaching, Energy healing, Healthcare coordination, weddings. My book 'Life's Little Lessons A guide book To Get You Through' is a compact guide on life and is available through this website. I also have a new workbook that will assist you in completing the self-work.

Kathryn Moravec

Frankfort, MI
United States
Phone (231) 352-5429

Dr. Kay Schanzer
There are many reasons why we seek individual psychotherapy. Understanding ourselves better seems to be reason enough. But for some this decision comes when we are at a particularly difficult moment in life--a death, divorce, loss of a relationship, sadness, depression, loss of passion for life, retirement, sexual concerns and any situation which may constellate strong feelings. If we are to live into our potential and experience lives that are meaningful to us, we must gain insight into where we feel blocked and what needs to happen to move us closer to our authetic self. A psychotherapist can often help you on this journey towards wholeness.
San Antonio
Kay Schanzer
4067 Broadway
San Antonio, TX 78209
United States
Phone 210 832 8121
Fax 210 495 7273

Dr. Lotus Linton

with Lotus Linton, Ph.D.

Dr. Lotus Linton’s healing and teaching practice is dedicated to Soul-Identification for personal and planetary awakening. Lotus’ gentle, personal, yet powerful style calls forth the inner wisdom of her clients and her audiences in a variety of SOULSPRING programs.


Personal healing and coaching sessions.


Experiental presentations to uplift the Soul.


Soul Springs: Seeking Self in the Waters of the World.


Sacred journeys to Bali and Cornwall, lands of the holy waters.
Lotus Linton

Seattle, WA 98103
United States
Phone (206) 675-0495

Dr. Mary
Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)is a safe, effective, elegant, and natural way to resolve long-standing health or personal problems with an emotional component....and don't they all? Using NET,find those stuck, negatively charged emotions stored in your body and release them. It's fast. It's fun...and it can dramatically improve your health and success.

St. Petersburg
Mary Lowther
160 Ricardo Way NE
St. Petersburg, FL 33704
United States
Phone (727) 823-5331

Dr. Michael D. Wade, PhD, LMT
Therapies offered: Biofeedback,counseling,energy work,Hypnotherapy,Stone Massage,Neurolinguistics, Psychotherapy,marriage counseling,Life coaching,sports and deep tissue massage. Specializing in counseling for Anxiety & Panic Disorders, Depression Recovery, Anger Management, Eating Disorders, Addiction Recovery, Abuse Recovery and Relationship Counseling. Help with medications when needed at the lowest cost world wide.

Michael Wade
343 W. Powell
Gresham, OR 97030
United States
Phone 503-666-9171
Fax 503-667-9072

Dr. Sally Witt
The COUNSELING & HYPNOSIS CENTER is my private practice, helping people with issues of STRESS, ANXIETY, PANIC, PHOBIAS, and DEPRESSION. SLEEP and HEALTH CONDITIONS that are stress-related may improve quickly with relaxation training and hypnosis. Also SMOKING CESSATION and WEIGHT LOSS! Relationships, Divorce, and Grief Counseling are treated with caring concern and confidentiality. Gain confidence and motivation for Career Advancement, Sales, Public Speaking, Test-taking and Athletics (including golf), using hypnosis and self-hypnosis.
http://Dr Sally Witt
Arlington Heights, IL
Sally Witt
Counseling & Counseling & Hypnosis Center, 1635 N. Arlington Heights Road. suite 206
Arlington Heights, IL, IL 60004
United States
Phone 847-394- 2612

Dr. Susan Gregg
Susan believes that life is meant to be happy and free of struggle - that life is a place to remember our divine nature and to have fun. The Hawaiians say there are many paths to the top of the mountain but the view from the top is the same for everyone. At the top of the mountain, no matter what path you take, you learn to love unconditionally and see the perfection in all of life. Susan is the author of six books including the award winning Mastering the Toltec Way and Dance of Power. Her latest book A Guide to Short Meditations will be released in April 2007.
Susan Gregg
PO Box 1006
Kurtistown, HI 96760
United States

Draw It Out Counseling Services
Karina Ray
401 Olympia Avenue NE, Suite 206
Renton, WA 98056
United States
Phone 206-228-9126



Circles, Cycles, Seasons, Spirals, Composting, Mysteries, Rains, Oceans, over and over are life infinite. Our Planet the Mother and Father of many peoples and children. Earth Centered Healing and Teaching is guided by their Higher Power.

I offer to mentor peoples of what GrandMother Earth and her families symbolically threaded in my families and me. Wind is our language, our decisions the Water, our expectations few. We focused on preservation-maintenance and sustaining. This wealth of paradise was never taken for granted. Every day was one whole life, one day at a time. My lodge is now in urban Boise, Idaho. We have manifested ways to integrate common sense Wisdom into doable daily - worthiness, wellness, purpose, relationship, abundance, prosperity, service and seeking. Daily Rituals INVEST in relationships AND economy. I speak as a Thread Peoples. I am in privilege to work for our natural families. I do not speak for First Nation Peoples or any reservations; I only speak of my family’s stories. I am a vessel of dreams of those who walked before, and empowered by Elders repository of Teachings. 35th generation-our roots are over a hundred thousand years of relationships to the movement now matured to be our GrandMother Earth and her wild families. We lived mountain-remote, I did not know there were other humans living on our big planet.

Gratitude for the privilege of serving,


EarthCentered Healing and Teaching:

Life Coach (LifeWork)

Ceremonial Healing


Relationship Counsel

Wedding Officiant - alternative weddings

Retrieval and Extraction of Original Birth-Root-Codes, and Family Clans. We seek Reclaiming, Awakening, Retrieval of Shimmering (Life force/Essence) Birth Codes and Family Clans of Origin. (Some call this Soul Retrieval)

Totems, Family Clans, Power Ally, Medicine Wheel


Community Health

Crystal Healing

Funeral Officiant

Crossing Ritual for Death

Intuitive Healing

Journey Song Integration (also known as Chakra Balancing)

Long Distance Healing

Men’s Health

Online Counsel

Rite of Passage

Drumming, Storytelling


Vision Quest

Women’s Health

Shaman Way Medicine Wheel Healing and Teaching


“Survival of the world depends on our sharing what we have, and working together. If we do not the whole world will die. First the planet, and next the people. The ones who complain and talk the most about giving away Medicine Secrets, are always those who know the least.”

By Frank Fools Crow, Sioux Spiritual Leader 1976


VISIT these important WEBSITES:


Ralph Maughan, President of Wolf Recovery Foundation: http://wolves.wordpress.com

Mission Wolf, http://www.missionwolf.com/

Patricia Nell Warren-Bilerico: http://www.bilerico.com/2008/03/earththunder_medicine_woman_working_for.php#more

PODCAST – now available!!!!!!!!

http://www.johnselig.com/ (Click Podcast)

A Personal Invitation to Share One of the

Most Unique Stories I have Experienced


By John R. Selig (Wolf Circles)

I would like to invite you to listen into a unique series of podcasts that I have just completed. In fact, I believe it to be my best work to date and I dare say that there is nothing else like it anywhere on the Internet. The series I am referring to includes four episodes (54-57). The first episode (54) is a set-up episode featuring my dear friend and famed author, Patricia Nell Warren who introduced me to EarthThunder.

EarthThunder’s shared perhaps the most remarkable story I have ever heard. She was born around 1947 in Idaho, where she lives today. Both of her parents were indentured servants who were prohibited to have children. I know that this is hard to believe still possible in 1946. When EarthThunder was born her parents were murdered and she was given to her grandparents and extended family to raise. She spent the first 10 years of her life in the wild not knowing that there were other human beings in the world other than her family. She never saw a highway, a car, other people, airplanes, or electrical lines. Summers were spent in the mountains of Idaho at 8,500 feet above sea level and winters were spent in caves with food and animal hides to get them through the bitter cold, When EarthThunder was 10 her entire family was murdered in front of her, then thrown into a mass grave. Those unimaginably horrifying images still haunt her.

John Selig/Wolf Circles

Earth Thunder

Boise, Idaho 83703-3465
United States
Phone 208.599.1004
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