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Joan Lippens-Zukowski
As a Personal Life Coach, Joan Lippens-Zukowski has over 20 years experience. She has worked with hundreds of people one-on-one to help find clarity in their lives while living their true identity. Drawing upon her ability to recognize non-verbal communication, she has effectively coached people to look deep inside to find and break negative emotional patterns. Joan teaches individuals to fully participate in their own lives through her unique personal coaching techniques.
Joan Lippens-Zukowski

Orlando, FL 32812
United States
Phone 407-451-3335

JoAnn Utley, MA, Usui/Karuna Reiki Master Teacher/Holistic Counselor/Hanna Kroeger Practitioner
The following services are provided:

Reiki: Energy healing sessions with Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki® and Reconnective Healing energy

Reiki: Training/Certification & other classes --Click on Events List button at the right of my profile for scheduled classes

Emotion Belief Clearing/Holistic Counseling. Change negative beliefs & emotions that block health/happiness into positive healthy ones using energy work & counseling

Energetic assessments of physical & energetic balance based on Hanna Kroeger system

Home/Business space clearing/blessing: clear inappropriate energies; renew love and power in your life/business.

Combine holistic healing training to address the whole person

Creator & Distributor of ALL HEAL Energy Treatment essence. It is interactive and can be used for anything. One sets the intention for use; takes 1 to 5 drops for immediate support for 2 – 3 times a day—more if needed. One can take 10 -15 drops or more for a full energy treatment--must have at least 30 minutes before having to be active or can take it at bedtime. It is wonderful for meditation or before doing energy treatments as well as it moves one into a relaxed quiet brain wave. Great for general relaxation, pain relief, & for increased energy /healing depending on what one needs at the time of taking it.
JoAnn Utley
2508 Wallace Avenue
Louisville, KY 40205
United States
Phone 502-777-3865

John Stern
Doctor John Stern is a registered yoga teacher, bodyworker, and author. He is a 1992 graduate of Parker College of Chiropractic. His specialty is yoga therapy. He also offers bodywork sessions combining massage and assisted yoga postures for deep relaxation and healing.

Dr. Stern has been practicing yoga for over twenty years. He is the author of "A Healer’s Guide to Miracles-Integrating Miracle Principles with Hands-on Healing."

John Stern

Austin, TX
United States
Phone 512-731-4786

Journeys of the Soul
SWIM WITH THE WILD DOLPHINS, HEAR THE HUMPBACK WHALES Join Marion in her magical retreats where she combines ancient craft (shamanism) and swimming with the wild spinner dolphins/spotted dolphins or during the spring you can also see the humpback whales and hear them sing. Next retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii, is November 10-16, 2002 and the dates in March 2003 will be coming out soon. Individual sessions: soul retrieval, cleansings, past life regressions, and more is available by appointment.
Marion Winisky
1200 Harris Avenue, Suite 410
Bellingham, WA 98225
United States
Phone 360-398-8723

Joyful Changes - June Milligan, M.Ed. CHt
June Milligan, M.Ed. CHt

Hypnotist ~ Energy Psychologist

Personal Empowerment Coach

Learn How To Change Habits
Do it now.
  • Smoking
  • Anxiety Issues
  • Procrastination
  • Age Regression
  • Children's Issues
  • Self Esteem Issues
  • Weight Loss
  • Self Hypnosis
  • Abundance Attitudes
  • Past Life Regression
  • Personal Performance Issues
  • Unique Stress Relieving Techniques

    What is blocking you from achieving your dreams? You don’t even have to know. Two techniques can remove all unconscious blocks without spending years of therapy discussing them: ACUPRESSURE and HYPNOSIS. I teach every client simple acupressure techniques as well as some Law of Attraction processes. I’ve been practicing and teaching both for years. The movie THE SECRET showed you the first step. But what’s next? CLEARING UNCONSCIOUS BLOCKS. These hidden beliefs can destroy self confidence, cause procrastination and stop you in your tracks! Call me at 775-786-9111 to find out how you can move ahead NOW.

  • Reno
    June Milligan
    100 California Avenue
    Reno, NV 89509
    United States

    Judith L. Braun
    I consider the counseling I do a specialized ministry that seeks to help persons integrate all of their experiences---emotional,spiritual, physical and social that they may move toward a sense of wholeness. I will accompany people in my care through life transitions, crisis or chronic situations and provide a place to restore their sense of well being.
    Judith Braun

    Windham, ME 04062
    United States
    Phone 207-751-4339

    Julie Rose

    Julie O. Rose
    1110 Akipola Street
    Kailua, HI 96734
    United States
    Phone 808.230.2154

    Jump Start 4 Success
    Ms Trecek has spend a lifetime of "coaching" as an educator, trainer, parent & counselor. She is very excited as she continues on her path of learning and healing other with the energy work that she does. She is a Life Coach, Advanced Hypnotherapist, a Certified Breathwork Practitioner and Reiki Master. She is also works with the Resonance System of Holographic Repatterning. Ms Trecek is a Licensed Professional Counselor and combines her knowledge, skill & experience to help you find & stay on your life's path.
    Sallie Trecek
    6130 E 32nd St, Suite 101
    Tulsa, OK 74135
    United States
    Fax 918 632-0065

    We present lectures, workshops and personal guidance for people interested in "getting to know their progressive self." We use a holistic approach by engaging language, hypnosis and spiritual methods. Benefits are a deeper self awareness, self direction, self expansion and empowerment. For the purpose of participation in a progressive partnership in the co-creation of a healthy, harmonious and joyful life.
    Lewis Center
    Kitcia Amaya
    5148 Buckeye
    Lewis Center, OH 43035
    United States
    Phone 614-203-0938

    Karen Furr
    Karen is a former Franciscan Sister living in Kingman, Arizona. Her love of Spirit and devotion to the healing charism of Jesus has led her into the way of alternative healing through Shamanism and Reiki. For her there is no separation of the realities of seen and unseen, and her work as a healer is rooted in the belief that it is not what we "do" that heals, but what we allow ourselves to become. As Jesus taught, the realm of the Divine is within each of us and it is there that we can access the infinite compassion of Mystery. It does not matter what tradition we are emersed in, but that we encounter that Mystery and Spirit within.

    Karen holds a Masters degree in Social Work and has devoted much of her life to working with those who have experienced economic poverty, as well as abuse, addictions, homelessness and trauma.

    As a Shamanic healer and Reiki Master Teacher, Karen understands wellness from a perspective of balancing essential power. Her work in alternative healing has met with success in providing the opportunity for people to heal in ways that working solely in "3-D" (as she calls it) cannot allow.

    Karen is a former member of the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor. As a former Catholic sister, she walks the path of the mystic and healer, seeking and facilitating healing for self, community and the planet. She is aware that it is in bringing Light into the world that healing and wholeness can happen. She is excited about the emerging paradigm of Oneness and welcomes the challenge and movement of this evolution of Spirit.
    Karen Furr
    POB 4342
    Kingman, AZ 86402
    United States
    Phone 928-606-4611

    Karen Howard
    I use several gentle hypnotherapy methods to empower people to heal themselves on all levels-body, mind and spirit. Since the subconscious mind drives eighty percent of our thoughts, feelings and responses, people experience dramatic shifts and dynamic personal growth with hypnosis and are in control of their own process at all times!

    Hypnosis is helpful for many, many situations, emotional and physical. Please call me to confidentially discuss your personal situation, hopes and desires.
    Karen Howard
    212 Washington Street
    Monument, CO 80132
    United States
    Phone 719-219-9646

    Karen M. Umminger, LCSW, CHT
    I am an interpersonal psychodynamic therapist who uses various approaches to assist clients in reaching their goals. I specialize in improving relaionships, family of origin work, trauma issues, depression and anxiety, grief and loss issues, life transitions, gay/lesbian issues and career/workplace concerns, self-esteem and recovery. I am certified in the Hakomi method of body centered psychotherapy and give attention to your whole person--body, mind, spirit, emotion. I often work in the "here and now" and take an interactive role in helping you to problem-solve. I encourage clients to experiment with new behaviors and attitudes and sometimes offer homework between sessions. I work with individuals and couples and create a safe, confidential environment where your concerns are heard and addressed.
    Karen Umminger
    1109 Southwood Road
    Austin, TX 787045352
    United States
    Phone 512-442-4117
    Fax 512-442-4117

    Kate Nicoll, MSW
    Soul Friends, Inc is a nonprofit established to provide innovative clinical and educational programs that promote the healing benefits of the human-animal bond.

    Soul Friends provides individual and group psychotherapy which incorporates the healing presence of therapy animals.
    Kate Nicoll
    401 Center St
    Wallingford, CT 06410
    United States

    Kathy Oddenino
    Kathy offers her own trademarked technique, Neural Depolarization,a unique method of working with the nervous system throughout the body to release negative lifeforce energy. Also Spiritual Tutoring, books, seminars, classes, and study programs designed to help others learn these skills by understanding their own Spiritual Human Design.
    Kathy Oddenino

    Pittsboro, NC 27312
    United States
    Phone 919-545-9937
    Fax 919-545-9945

    Heart-centered, spiritual and practical, intuitive readings and counseling with Kavitaa can bring insight and fresh approaches into life changes, turning points, relationships, family, love, and career. Her sessions are fun, gentle, and loving, yet go very deep. She also offers Aura-Soma color, energy reading & healing, Experiential Astrology, and Reiki sessions.

    Kavitaa’s Sedona Vortex tours for individuals and small groups include gentle hiking and guided meditation. For a complete Sedona experience, packages combine your Vortex tour with energy reading & healing, counseling or Reiki.

    In addition to English, Kavitaa speaks fluent Japanese and is Sedona’s original Japanese-speaking guide.

    Kavitaa Hawkes

    Sedona, AZ 86336
    United States
    Phone (928) 203-1194
    Fax 928 203-1194

    Kay Politano, MA, LMHC, NCC
    I am a Florida Licensed Mental Health Counselor specializing in Emotional Freedom Techniques. I combine the use of EFT with Person Centered Therapy and Focusing. These techniques are tools which greatly speed up the resolution of emotional and physical pain and can be used on an immediate basis between and during sessions.
    Kissimmee, FL
    Kay Politano
    1400 W. Oak Street, Suite D
    Kissimmee, FL, FL 34741
    United States
    Phone (407) 846-9299
    Fax (407) 846-8930

    Kay Vogt, Psy.D.
    I am a licensed clinical psychologist and I see individuals and couples who are wanting help with anything from a vague sense of disatisfaction and purpose to serious clinical issues like depression, anxiety, panic, and personality disorders. I prefer an eclectic approach combining the best tools from cognitive therapy, Focusing, EMDR, Internal Family Systems, Enneagram, hypnosis, and relationship therapy. I include techniques from Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle and other contemporary Advaita teachers in my practice. A Course in Miracles has been an important path for me as well. I would welcome a call from you (630 790-1533) to see if my approach is right for you. Phone sessions may be possible as well as in-office sessions.
    Glen Ellyn
    Kay Vogt
    526 Crescent Blvd Suite 324
    Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
    United States
    Phone 630 790-1533

    Kelly Beninga, MA
    Is true change really possible?

    Yes! Our chronic patterns of thoughts, emotions, and ways of relating to each other sometimes get in the way of leading the fulfilling lives we always dreamed. Self-help books, workshops, traditional talk therapy, and simple will power can help us to try and change things, but all too often, the old patterns return.

    There is another way...

    Transformational Psychotherapy reaches and transforms core issues that have been limiting your life by using a holistic approach that addresses all aspects of the self - mind, body, and spirit.

    Rather than just talking about your problems, a combination of experiential approaches is used to access the root causes, thereby allowing your inherent mental health and personal well being to emerge.

    By transforming the source of issues such as anxiety, depression, chronic fear, lack of direction, and relationship problems, lasting change is created.

    Transformational Psychotherapy reaches and transforms core issues that have been limiting your life by using a holistic approach that addresses all aspects of the self - mind, body, and spirit.

    Rather than just talking about your problems, a combination of experiential approaches is used to access the root causes, thereby allowing your inherent mental health and spiritual well being to emerge.

    By transforming the source of issues such as anxiety, depression, chronic fear, lack of direction, and relationship problems, lasting change is created.

    Kelly Beninga
    3035 W 25th Ave
    Denver, CO 80211
    United States
    Phone 303-579-1237

    Kratochvil Health Kare
    I use a variety of therapeutic styles and theories. Counseling techniques included are experiential, client centered, Gestalt, cognitive-behavioral, and body centered approaches. Areas of concern addressed are: depression, anxiety, grief, family and couples counseling.
    As a massage therapist I practice an ecletic combination of styles including Swedish, myofacial, reflexology, and deep tissue work. Creating a relaxed body helps the mind to de-stress, allowing yourself to be more productive and positive.
    Michele Kratochvil
    120 Broadway Suite 304
    Kissimmee, FL 34741
    United States
    Phone 407-870-2223
    Fax 407-870-0035

    Kristi Cowles
    Pederson Victorian B&B is an 1880 treasure, located in rural Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Our uniqueness has intrigued the adventureous traveler since 1990. Why? Because we've integrated earth-friendliness with historic charm! Imagine -- line-dried linens (even in winter), full vegetarian breakfasts (as organic as possible,given the season),hand made quilts, front porch with swing, cozy parlor, four artfully decorated guest rooms, the absence of noisy whirlpools, and Scandinavian hospitality, for starters. Come visit, we'd love to have you.
    Lake Geneva
    Kristi Cowles
    1782Highway 120 North
    Lake Geneva, WI 53147
    United States
    Phone 262-248-9110
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