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Inside Awareness for Healthy Living
Waking to inner awareness for personal and social change that begins with one's one experience that radiates out to include others and the environment. Support for increasing physical movement with the awareness techniques of the Feldenkrais Method and in personal relating with self and other's through well known and successful methods founded on Nonviolent Communication. Social gatherings, events and news to integrate change in community with others encouraging leadership.
Renee Lindstrom
1618 Clawthorpe Avenue
Victoria, BC V8T 2R8
Phone 250-361-7508

Insight Wellness
Tom Cohen is a Licensed Acupuncturist, Licensed Massage Therapist, Martial Arts Instructor - as well as a Massage Instructor in Oriental Therapies and Anatomy and Pathophysiology. His office is in the Park Road area of Charlotte . His martial arts classes take place in Charlotte and the surrounding areas.

His specialities include his own clinically sound method of Massage therapy and Pain Management, Acupuncture , Acupressure and Oriental therapies designed to compliment and enhance existing therapies. Tom welcomes the involvement and participation of the individual patient and MD or other Medical professional, to provide the best and most comprehensive treatment possible.

At Insight Wellness, we treat Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Endocrine issues (hypo & hyperthyroidism), Female issues (Menstrual, Polycistic ovaries, etc.), Male issues, Sciatica, Low energy, Cancers and Autoimmune diseasess, Emotional health, and many other conditions. Call me for a free free phone consultation & to arrange a free Acupuncture consult. We hope to provide your Insight to Acupuncture in Charlotte, NC.


Pain Management, Sleep Disorders, Menstrual and Women's Health Issues, Thyroid Issues, Mood and Anxiety Disorders, Fibromyalgia, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), Men's Health, Prostate Issues

Massage Therapy

Relaxation, Sports Therapy, Injury, Chronic Pain, Back Pain

How we Differ from the "Low Price" Massage

Individualized Care

Full 60 minutes - Hands on

Highly Specialized and Clinical Care

7 Years Experience and 2 years Experience Teaching Other Therapists

How we differ from Chiroprators and MD's Offering Acupuncture -

Licensed Acupuncturist - Graduate of a 4 Year Master's Diploma Level Course (Over 1500 hours)

(Most MD's and Chiropractors have 200 hours of specialized Training in Acupuncture)

Martial arts Instructor -Educating Clients on the Correlations Between Martial and Healing Arts

About My Business:

My name is Tom Cohen, LAc (Licensed Acupuncturist) L.M.B.T. #2478 (Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist), a graduate of the Southeastern Center in Charlotte, NC.

I received my Acupressure Certification from the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley, California. I graduated from Jung Tao School of Classical Chinese Medicine with a Masters Diploma in Acupuncture. I am a Licensed Acupuncturist in the State of North Carolina.

I teach the Japanese Martial Art of Aikido, Tai Chi for Health, and lead A Daitoryu Aikijujutsu Study Group. My business is named Makoto Martial & Healing Arts to remind me to always be true to myself, my clients and my students.

Specializing in:


Pain Management

NMT (Neuromuscular Therapy)

Sports Massage

Deep Tissue


Hot Stone



Call for Specials & Appointments
Thomas Cohen
4724 Park Road Suite A
Charlotte, NC 28209
United States
Phone 704-301-2141

Integrative Cardiology Center
Integrative Cardiolgy Center is an innovative&integrative medical practice, holistic in nature that specializes in prevention and treatment of heart disease and related disorders.

Julius Torelli, MD, FACC- Medical Director. Supervises programs at the Center, as well as consulting new patients. In office testing includes exercise testing, echocardiograpy.
We have a variety of practitioners working within the practice. Our massage and bodywork therapists are Bobbie Brooks, NC license #958 and Raymond Ruocco, NC license #695.
We also have a licensed professional counsellor, Esther Reynolds.
We also have programs related to diet and exercise. Our exercise physiologist performs metabolic sress testing.

High Point
Julius Torelli, MD
4140 Mendenhall Oaks Parkway, Suite 101
High Point, NC 27265
United States
Phone 336-841-1259
Fax 336-841-7595

Jeff Belanger, Certified Advanced Rolfer
Rolfing is a successful alternative to traditional medicine for chronic pain. Rolfing works by helping clients to find and release habits of muscle tightness. As tightness relaxes then body structure "untwists". Untwisting the body relieves many chronic pain and soreness conditions.
Ann Arbor
Jeffrey Belanger
513 Snyder Ave
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
United States
Phone 734-657-3210

Kairos Yoga LLC
Yoga for Every Body in Downtown Fort Mill, SC.

Compassionate yoga classes for those new to yoga and beyond.

Classes focus on increasing flexibility, reducing stress, building strength and promoting balance on and off the mat. New Classical Mat Pilates for Beginner to Intermediate students. New Vinyasa Flow class
Fort Mill
Elizabeth Kriz
214 Main street
Fort Mill, SC 21795
United States
Phone 803.230.5406

Karinna Kittles
Discover the Art of Love.

Drawing on the intimate wisdom of the ancient East and the contemporary West, Sacred Love offers innovative, meaningful and artistically inspired educational seminars and products to create the healthy, passionate, fulfilling relationship you desire.

• Add a Spiritual Dimension to Love and Intimacy

• Cultivate Greater Self Love

• Increase Physical Expression

• Address Emotions Holding You Back from Intimacy

• Refine Honest, Loving Communication

• Learn Sacred Lovemaking Skills

• Create Meaningful and Beautiful Love Rituals

Los Angeles
Karinna Kittles

Los Angeles, CA 90027
United States

Kwai Lan Chan Cook
Feng Shui Master and teacher of Imperial School of Feng Shui. I have developed a training package to help promote and enhance your ability to succeed in all areas of your life. My method requires less input from the individual, while producing an end result to be envied. Evaluations of homes, businesses, individuals and even cities are my life's work.
Kwai Lan Chan Cook
200 East Angelino Avenue, #1-214
Burbank, CA 91502
United States
Phone 8186406811

Li'ilani Massage - Tao Chi Healing Arts
Maui No Ka Oi! Massage Therapy, Reiki, Tao Chi Healing Arts and Martial Arts. I am dedicated to bringing you excellence in service combined with the highest quality of products available to help you harmonize and balance your lifestyle. You deserve to feel better NOW.

Offering Sports Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Signature Spa Therapies, Tao Chi Healing Arts and Reiki with Kama'aina discounts.

Call, email, or check the website.
Betty Li'ilani Silvira-Donald, mat 6356
PMB 325 PO Box 959
Kihei, HI 96753
United States
Phone 808-264-1564

Lilian Jarvis
BioSomatics is an original “body awareness” exercise program emphasizing tension release, flexibility, postural alignment, and internal strengthening for weight support. The deep stretch and strengthening exercises fortify the body against strain and injury and help to alleviate muscular aches and pains. The core belief of the technique is that these ailments as well as many health-related problems result from accumulated tensions and poor postural habits, and that correcting these conditions is essential to lifetime bodily comfort, optimum health, and superior physical performance.
Lilian Jarvis
681 Markham St.
Toronto, Ont. M6G 2M2
Phone (416)535-8661
Fax (416)535-4109

Michelle Star Yoga & Healing Arts, LLC
TO VIEW CLASS and WORKSHOP SCHEDULE, CLICK ON "EVENTS" LIST ABOVE. Phone calls (216) 789-3765 accepted anytime or leave a voice mail. For more information about Ho'Oponopono or wealth/law of attraction training, go to WWW.MYGLOBALSCIENCESFOUNDATION.ORG. There is a listing by state then city where you will find my name and training along with others from all over the world.

Yoga is a great way to "turn inside out." Release stress, old coping styles, worn-out habit patterns, and to basically hit the "REFRESH" button of your mind! So be sure to check out my new videos and my new video SERIES: Michelle Star's Mysti-Stories (Life on the Mystic Path) also on YouTube

Receive a good physical workout, in a healing environment with a masterful teacher. Michelle will guide you Home to Yourself. After 50 years of practice, she can do that!

Yoga heals us all the way to the cellular level--physically, mentally/emotionally and spiritually. Learn effective ways to cope with stress, open your creativity, heal painful traumas, reach inside and find your natural joy and expansion--all this can be achieved through Yoga.

Also, Michelle received Certification in Ho'Oponopono to offer along with Reiki treatments, Yoga instruction and healings. It is a Hawaiian cleansing technique that clears the practitioner as well as the recipient from subconscious blockages. Michelle continues her training in the advanced level in addition to other clearing techniques.

For information about Michelle's book, click on the "Press Release" section, upper right, or, scroll down to "Philosophy and Comments" section below. You can also go to the Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/1502319683/ref=tmm_pap_title_0ie=UTF8&qid=1561287613&sr=1-6
Michelle Star
Celebrating 50 Years of Yoga!
Cleveland, OH 44135
United States
Phone 216/789-3765

Mother's Embrace Yoga
Prenatal yoga comes to the area! No previous yoga experience required. Learn the many benefits of being good to yourself at this special time of life! You will wonder what you ever did without yoga! Come network with other moms-to-be!

Classes being held in a private, comfortable studio in downtown Shelton, CT.

Linda Antignani
410 Howe Avenue
Shelton, CT 06484
United States
Phone 203-922-1505

MoveStudio, located in North Dallas at the southeast corner of Preston and Campbell, is a peaceful, inspiring space and welcoming community for adults to experience the joy of movement as a path to mind-body-spirit wellness. We offer classes, personal training and workshops in a variety of healing movement arts: yoga (hatha, vinyasa flow, restorative, gentle, beginner), Pilates matwork and equipment, Nia Technique, Tai Chi, dance and cardio dance fitness.

Lisa Olson
17062 Preston Rd. #108
Dallas, TX 75248
United States
Phone 972.732.0206

Mr.Trainer Massage therapist
Massage bodywork acupressure swedish-massage deep tissue relaxing oil or lotion massage lymph drainage Customize your Massage Session.


Essential therapeutic relief

Includes time for combination full body massage or focused relief of tension areas

Ideal for mild stress and relaxation

Favorite Massage Types:

Swedish, Deep Tissue


Complete therapeutic relief

Allows time for full body massage plus dedicated relief of key areas that cause tension, stress and pain

Ideal for neglected stress, tight muscles or persistent pain

Favorite Massage Types:

Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Sports Massage


Maximum therapeutic relief

Ample time for full body massage, various modalities and dedicated relief of chronic stress or pain

Ideal for chronic stress, tension and/or pain

Favorite Massage Types:

Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Sports Massage

Choose Your Therapeutic Massage Type

Trigger Point Therapy

Relieves a tight area within muscle tissue causing pain in other areas of body

Uses cycles of isolated pressure and release

Helps naturally manage pain and stress from chronic injuries

Swedish Massage

Light to medium pressure

Promotes circulation and lymph movement

Good for stress-related conditions and chronic pain

Deep Tissue Massage

Releases muscle tension

Provides deep pain relief

Loosens scar tissue and lengthens muscles

Good for chronic and overuse injuries

Sports Massage

Promotes flexibility to decrease risk of injury

Improves endurance

Reduces post-workout recovery time

Offers balance to training regimen


Restorative relaxation

Decreases stress and anxiety

Relieves toe and ankle pain, arch pain, plantar fasciitis and common forms of arthritis

Cranial Sacral Therapy

Gentle technique for releasing muscle/joint tension and tissue restriction

Promotes balance while decreasing stress

Effective relief for headaches, TMJD, back and neck pain

James Konakowitz
1035 West Huntington Drive
Arcadia, CA 91007
United States
Phone 626-534-2319

M² Enterprises by Mary L. Moritz

Deep tissue massage, Reiki, Personal fitness planning and coaching, including nutritional analysis.

Network Chirpractic, Nutrition Counseling, Behavorial Counseling available.
San Jose
Mary L. Moritz
14438 Union Avenue
San Jose, CA 95124
United States
Phone 408-879-0898 ext. 4
Fax 408-296-5948

Nadiya Nottingham
Nadiya Nottingham

Yoga & Qigong Workshops Spring Schedule
New York
Nadiya Nottingham
PO Box 0000
New York, NY 10024
United States

Namaste' USA Scaravelli Yoga Teacher Training
Namaste' USA Scaravelli Inapired Yoga Teacher Training is a Dallas-based, Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School (RYS) offering a 200-hour basic Certification and a 300-hour advanced Certification to total 500 hours of teacher training. Graduates are eligible to join Yoga Alliance as Registered Yoga Teachers.

Co-Founders Carol Stall and Vicki Johnson originally served as local promoters and contact persons for Namaste' International, a school founded in Petersborough, Canada. Namaste' USA Yoga is now solely owned and operated by Carol Stall. Namaste' USA was formed and opened its doors to teacher training prospects in 2003, as the second teacher training program in the Dallas area. Together Carol and Vicki have combined experience of nearly 60 years in the practice and teaching of Yoga. Namaste' USA's faculty also includes experts in the fields of Anatomy and Physiology and Ayurveda, giving added value to the our students' training experience.

We invite you to participate in our training, whether to become a Certified and Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher, for CEU's, or simply to deepen your own yoga practice.

Namaste' USA's graduates are highly regarded as some of the best teachers available to Dallas area studio owners, recreation centers, corporate and medical facilities, and the Collin County Community College campuses. Some of our students and graduates now teach in Kansas, Georgia, Hong Kong, and Scotland, as well as several cities in Texas.

Namaste' USA offers a recognized and appreciated approach to asana teaching, well-known in Europe but difficult to find in the U.S. Namaste' USA is currently the only Yoga Alliance Registered teacher training program in the Unites States offering certification in this unique method, which was developed by Vanda Scaravelli and described in her book, AWAKENING THE SPINE.

The method, which Vanda herself never named, is a simple, organic approach to asana practice. This approach respects each individual's capacity, is safe and non-injurious, and offers the experience of expansiveness, lightness and freedom in the body. Vanda very simply taught her students to move more deeply into gravity and to link that surrender to the earth through conscious breathing. These principles promote spontaneous movement from the core through the spine. When poor structural habits and poor breathing habits cease to interfere--that is, when the correct conditions are met, this natural spinal release and elongation can happen, opening the way to a whole new level of experiencing asanas.

This way of working is instead of rather than in addition to reliance on forceful effort. Thus we believe it is more in keeping with the yoga wisdom of ahimsa, or non-violence. And it encourages us to let go of the ego's influence on our practice--to, in Vanda Scaravelli's words--"have infinite time and no ambition."

Vanda's realization originated from her understanding the continuity among breath awareness, the downward release of weight, and this natural, wavelike, non-forceful release of the spine. The safe and effortless movement integrates resiliance, and steadiness. Flexibility, strength, and general fitness improve.

Working with patience and letting go of ambition, we are rewarded with a sense of lightness, freedom, and expansion. The body quite naturally relaxes, and stress melts away.

Practicing in this way is incredibly good for stress relief. Thus our graduates make wonderful yoga teachers for students looking for relaxation and how to cope with stress.

Training includes asana, pranayama, meditation, chant, mantras, kriya, chakras, philosophy, history, methodology, anatomy, physiology, ethics and yogic lifestyle. Full details are available on our website, http://www.namasteusa.us

Carol Stall, E-RYT 500

Garland, TX 75044
United States
Phone 469-441-7064

Nashville Neuromuscular Center, PLC
Nashville massage therapist Rebecca Saindon's focus is on integrating neuromuscular massage techniques with corrective exercise for Posture Fitness and pain relief. Nashville Neuromuscular Center (NNC) offers a holistic and scientific approach, blending clinical neuromuscular and myofascial massage with corrective exercise, movement, stretching and strengthening protocols unique to each individual. Perpetual students of functional anatomy and treatment skills, Rebecca and all the NNC therapists strive to stay on the cutting edge of manual medicine. There is a private gym and multiple treatment rooms onsite.
Rebecca Saindon LMT, NMT, CPT
95 White Bridge Road
Nashville, TN 37205
United States
Phone 615-354-1700

National Personal Training Institute
The National Personal Training Institute is a unique school offering a diploma in personal training. Gain the confidence,skills and credibility necessary to be employed at health clubs, vacation resorts or to own your own personal training studio.
Colorado Springs
Lisa Jakober
c/o Cottonwood Rec. Center 3920 Dublin Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
United States
Phone 1-800-960-6294

Natures Light
Natures Light is an herbal pharmacy that offers ALL NATURAL HERBAL FORMULAS which help You Discover how You can achieve better Health with Proven Results, Safely and Easily. Regain a New Love of Life while You Save Money, taking charge of Your Health using ALL NATURAL HERBAL FORMULAS. Formulas for High Blood Pressure, Female Hormone Replacement Therapy [HRT], Immune Booster, Bowel Cleanser, Super Food, Migraine Formula, Sleep, and Allergy.

Kay Morton
377 Parkway
Gatlinburg, TN 37738
United States
Phone 888-437-0276
Fax 865-436-4064

Nia Technique
Nia Technique - Through Movement We Find Health

Nia is a low impact aerobic fitness program and is also a powerful yet fun workout experience. It combines nine movement forms incorporating the martial arts, dance arts and healing arts.

To experience a fun exercise class then this is one class that needs to be experienced. Why wait any longer, try a class this week!

Nia is great for any BODY & fitness level.

The Nia Technique book is available in bookstores!

Nia was created over 22 years ago by Debbie Rosas & Carlos Rosas.

For class times/days/location visit website.

Bonnie Frenkel, Certified Nia Instructor
305 W. Silver Spring Drive
Milwaukee, WI
United States
Phone 414.333.0014
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