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Compton, CA (Population: 95,659)

Compton is a suburb of Los Angeles with a population of 95,695 (2005). Situated southeast of downtown L.A., Compton is considered an inner city community. The city is known primarily for its influence on African American culture, but it has a multi-ethnic population. Although most people think of Compton as a predominantly African American community, Latin Americans are actually the largest ethnic group in the city at this time. However, African Americans continue to hold all elected political positions in the city. Compton has played an influential role in major hip hop records and films, and is known as the birthplace of gangsta rap.

Compton was recently named an Entrepreneurial Hot Spot by Cognetics, Inc., an economic research firm. The city made a national list of best places to start and grow a business; it was ranked number two out of 88 cities in Los Angeles County. The city provides an assistance program to entrepreneurs and small business owners, which consists of developmental resources to get companies up and running.

Compton is home to an astronomy program for teens, an equestrian club, and the Major League Baseball Academy; which provides free baseball and softball instruction to Southern California youth. Points of interest in Compton include Tomorrow's Aeronautical Museum which hosts youth programs, an adult flight school, and an interactive museum; as well as the Heritage House, a 19th Century rustic home that will eventually house a museum showcasing early Compton life. The house serves as a reminder of the stark difference between life in the 1800s and the urban environment of the 21st Century.