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Edison, NJ (Population: 99,523)

Edison Township, commonly referred to as "Edison," is a township in Middlesex County, New Jersey. Edison came into being from the state of New Jersey's reorganization in the late 1800s. It officially received its name in 1954 by referendum. The most notable aspect of historical importance is its association with Thomas Edison, who set his home and research laboratory on the site of a previously failed real estate project named Menlo Park. This was where Mr. Edison came up with most of his inventions - the most famous being the incandescent light bulb filament and phonograph.

Edison is currently one of the fastest growing towns in New Jersey, with an estimated population of 99,523 residents (2006). It is the fifth most populated municipality in the state, after the cities of Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, and Elizabeth. Edison is primarily a middle- and upper middle-class community with more than 75 ethnic communities represented. Edison has a large Jewish community next to Highland Park, with multiple synagogues located in the city. Edison also has a growing Eastern Indian and Muslim community and a number of temples and mosques serving the religious needs of the people. Reflecting the number of Edison's residents from India and China, the township has sister city arrangements with Shijiazhuang, China and Baroda, India.

Edison was ranked the 28th most livable small city in America and the second in New Jersey in the 2006 list of Money Magazine's "Best Places To Live." In the 2006 survey of "America's Safest Cities," the township was ranked 23rd out of 371 cities included nationwide in the 13th annual Morgan Quitno survey. The town has many sites of historical, environmental and cultural significance. These include Dismal Swamp, a preserved wetlands area and home to the Triple C Ranch educational center; Edison Station; Menlo Park Mall, one of the most popular malls in New Jersey; Oak Tree Pond, the site of a minor battle of the American Revolutionary War; Oak Tree Road, which is known for its large concentration of Indian stores and restaurants; Raritan Center, a major industrial park anchored by the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center; Roosevelt Park; and The Thomas Alva Edison Memorial Tower and Museum in Menlo Park.