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Fontana, CA (Population: 163,860)

Fontana is a city with a population of 163,860 (2005) in San Bernadino County. In its early years, Fontana was a quiet town full of citrus orchards and cattle ranches. During WWII the construction of a steel mill owned by the Henry J. Kaiser Company and the routing of the San Bernadino Freeway through the town radically transformed the city. Rapid growth soon followed, and the city became an industrial exurb of Los Angeles.

Many of Fontana's residents have rural Southern, Midwestern, and Hispanic origins. The city is known for its hard-working population. Fontana is also known as the birthplace of the Hell's Angels motorcycle gang. Despite the closure of the Kaiser Steel mill in the 1980s, the city's fortunes were soon on the upswing with the advent of the Southern California real estate boom, the majority of which occurred to the north of the city core.

The principal entertainment attraction in Fontana is the California Speedway, which was built on the site of the old Kaiser Steel mill. The racetrack hosts various events throughout the year including two NASCAR Nextel Cup races.