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Lawton, OK (Population: 92,757)

Lawton, with an estimated 92,757 residents is located in the southwestern portion of Oklahoma near the Wichita Mountains, with the city of Oklahoma to the northeast and Wichita Falls to the south. Founded in 1901, the city was named after a Civil War Medal of Honor recipient, Major General Henry Ware Lawton.

Lawton is primarily supported by businesses in the agricultural and building trades, as it is home to many fertile cotton fields and large granite deposits. Outdoor activities are popular for many residents and draw visitors to the Meers and Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge, Mount Scott, and Lake Lawtonka.

The arts are supported by the City of Lawton Arts Council, and provide resources and outreach programs to area organizations, and individuals; promoting arts and humanities education and cultural tourism. Some of these include nearby sites dedicated to the arts include The Comanche Nation and National Museum, the Village of Medicine Park, the Museum of the Great Plains, The Fort Sill, and Fort Sill Indian School. Special events and festivals like Lawton's Birthday Celebration, Spirit of the Buffalo, State Centennial, and the International Festival are also managed and supported by the city arts council.