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Miami, FL (Population: 386,417)

Located in Southeast Florida between the Everglades and the Atlantic Ocean, Miami's population was estimated at 386,417 in 2005 by the United States Census Bureau. Miami is known as the Gateway of the Americas because of the strong ties it creates between North, South and Central America as well as its ties to the Caribbean. The city is also known as a World City because of its significance as a international financing and cultural center.

Due to the large number of Latin American cultures that populate the area, Miami is a center for the Hispanic community. The ethnic mix of the city is nowhere more prevalent than in its cuisine. Hot restaurants in town include Porcao, a Brazilian steakhouse, the Italian cafe Prima Pasta as well as local classics such as Wolfie Cohen's Rascal House and Shorty's Barbecue. Miami is also renowned for its nightlife. Considered a clubland hot spot, the city is home to many well-known clubs. It also hosts the Winter Music Conference, a large dance music event that is held each year.

There are a wide variety of festivals and annual events that take place in Miami each year. There is something for everyone, from the Annual Miami Reggae Festival to the Florida Marine Aquarium Show. Native cultures are celebrated in events such as the Everglades Music and Craft Festival, while many of the other ethnicities present in the area host their own festivals throughout the year. For sports fans, the city is home to several major league teams including the Miami Heat, the Miami Dolphins, and the Florida Marlins.