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Quincy, MA (Population: 90,250)

Quincy is located in Norfolk County, just minutes south of Boston, and has a population of 90,250 (2005). Quincy has been called the "City of Presidents" and "Birthplace of the American Dream," primarily due to it being the home of John Adams and his son John Quincy Adams, the second and sixth presidents, respectively. With miles of coastline and plenty of fascinating historical and cultural sites, Quincy offers an array of things to do year round.

Adam's National Historical Park is one of Quincy's main historical attractions. The park commemorates the Adam's family, who dedicated their lives to strengthening what was then a nation in its infancy. The 13-acre park encompasses the home of the Adam's family, including the farmhouse where John Adams and son were born- recognized as one of the oldest presidential birthplaces in the country- the Visitors Center, the United First Parish Church, and Adams Crypt. Other prominent attractions in the area include Hancock Cemetery, which is the community's first and primary burial ground, the Thomas Crane Public Library (a national architectural landmark), the Adam's Academy Society, John Hancock's birthplace, the Dorothy Quincy homestead, and the Josiah Quincy House; which played host to many Sons of Liberty meetings.

One of the most popular leisure destinations for locals and visitors of Quincy is Marina Bay, the largest marina in the Northeast. Visitors to Marina Bay enjoy strolling along the boardwalk and taking in captivating views of the Boston skyline. Marina Bay also has several restaurants offering both indoor and outdoor dining, as well as a variety of retail shops. Marina Bay has many attractive qualities, but it is most well-known for its spectacular sunsets.