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Redwood City, CA (Population: 73,114)

Redwood City is a community of 73,114 people (2005) that is located at the mid-point of the beautiful San Fransisco Peninsula. The city boasts miles of San Fransisco Bay shoreline, rolling hillsides, charming neighborhoods, and great shops and attractions. The city's climate is described by its slogan, which is emblazoned across arches that appear at the eastern and western entrances to downtown: Climate Best by Government Test. The slogan is based on a climatological survey conducted prior to World War I by the United States and German governments. The Redwood City area tied for world's best climate with the Canary Islands and North Africa's Mediterranean Coast.

Redwood City is reputed as a business and high-tech industrial center of the Peninsula, playing host to such prominent companies as Ampex Corporation, Electronic Arts, Informatica Corporation, Kensington Computer Products Group, and Oracle Corporation. Additionally, theater, dance, music, crafts, family activities, and cultural arts make the city an inviting community for residents and visitors alike. Events such as the Live in Downtown concert series, the Stafford Park Concert Series, the Halloween Spooktacular, the Fourth of July celebration, the Arts & Olive Festival at Cañada College, and Hometown Holidays offer plenty of opportunities for fun in the community.

Recent developmental improvements have been implemented to revive Redwood City's downtown. Such improvements have included the construction of a new 20-screen theater complex which houses retail and restaurant space, as well as a two-story underground parking deck. Major improvements have also been made to the city's historical courthouse. A large courtyard has been added with fountains on either side. The dome of the courthouse is lit at night and changes colors every 20 seconds. Redwood City is devoted to preserving its rich history while carefully planning its future.