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Stockton, CA (Population: 286,926)

The seat of San Joaquin County, Stockton has a population of 286,926 according to the 2005 U.S. Census. Surrounded by the waterways that make up the California Delta, Stockton is the state's largest inland seaport. The fertile soil in the area has lent itself to the agricultural sector of the city's economy, although the industrial sector is becoming more and more prevalent as companies move their headquarters to Stockton. Recent population growth has been seen as a result of people leaving the Bay Area in search of lower costs of living.

Stockton is home to several institutions of higher learning including the University of the Pacific, San Joaquin Delta College, and Humphreys College and School of Law. The Stockton Symphony (the 3rd oldest in the state) and various other groups including the Stockton Chorale and the Children's Chorale are all visible parts of the music scene. The city is also home to a number of local bands, many of which are underground rock or rap groups.

Stockton is home to several annual festivals and events, many of which center around the city's ethnic diversity. These include the Filipino Barrio Festival, The Jewish Food Fair, the Greek Festival and the Cambodian New Year. The Stockton Asparagus Festival is a well known event which has won several awards. The Earth Day Festival, Stockton Festival of Lights and Boat Parade, and the The Record's Family Day at the Park are also fun events attracting visitors and locals of Stockton.