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Yuma, AZ (Population: 84,688)

Located close to the California and Mexican borders, Yuma is one of the hottest cities in the United States. Average July temperatures in Yuma soar at approximately 107 degrees Fahrenheit, with highs around 69 degrees in January. On average, Yuma receives only about 4 inches of rain annually. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Yuma is the sunniest place on Earth, and is estimated to have over 85,000 visitors come to cozy up to Yuma during the winter.

The uninhabited areas of the county are rich in fish and game, offering many hunting and fishing opportunities for residents and visitors of Yuma. The Colorado River,dividing Arizona and California, runs along the west side of town. The Kofa Mountain Range and Wildlife Refuge is nearby; as well as the Aglodones Dunes, attracting tens of thousands of visitors each year. Another very popular spot for tourists is the nearby town of Los Aglodones, Baja California, which has become a favorite dining and shopping destination.